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Jakub Moravec was attacked by a polar bear in Svalbard, where he was camping ahead of the total solar eclipse. ITV News Thousands of tourists from around the globe have traveled to Svalbard , a remote Arctic Norwegian archipelago, as well as the nation of the Faroe Islands, to witness a total solar eclipse set to take place on Friday. Moravec was sleeping in a tent, and described trying to protect his head, as he fended off the polar bear. The bear was immediately shot dead following Thursday’s attack. Norwegian police spokesman Vidar Arnesen said the man, whom he did not identify, was among a group of six that slept north of the main town of Longyearbyen. No one else was injured. Visitors to Svalbard, islands more than kilometers miles north of the Norwegian mainland, are reminded often that polar bears roam. When moving outside of settlements, people must carry firearms.

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Fjord area with beautiful and varied landscape and a long history. The gulf stream keeps the climate relatively mild for regional standards at least and the fjord open for most of the year. Parts of the are within the Northwest Spitsbergen National Park and thus protected. The smaller islands in the Kongsfjord and Kap Guissez between Kongs- and Krossfjord are Bird sanctuaries, entry or approach closer than metres are prohibited during the breeding season 15th May to 15th August.

The Hornsund offers a relatively representative cross section through the geology of Svalbard, similar to the Bellsund. In comparison, the stratigraphy is more complete in the Hornsund, as the Devonian Old Red is present here, and the basement is cropping out in a larger area, from the west coast into central parts of the fjord.

The most beautiful fjord in Spitsbergen as Bellsund, Isfjord, St. Jonsfjord, Kongsfjord, Smeerenburgfjord, Liefdefjord etc. If the weather allows for some good views, that is. Hornsund cuts approximately 25 kilometres deep into the island. For more, detailed information: There is not an awful lot of tundra, but at some spots, the vegetation can be very rich and colourful.

This is partly due to fertilization by very large Little auk colonies. There is a number of interesting cultural monuments. Seemingly paradox, there is more drift ice in the Hornsund than further north at the west coast. This is due to a cold current which comes from the northeast on the eastern side of Svalbard and then around the south cape and up the west coast. It brings a lot of ice to the southern part of the west coast, so the Hornsund is usually blocked with ice in the early summer, even if the other fjords further north are already ice-free.

It also brings a lot of cold, polar watermasses into the Hornsund, which stays in the inner part of the fjord, thus providing a high-polar marine ecosystem in direct neighbourhood to the more subarctic waters influenced by the gulf stream. This provides for an interesting faunal cross-section from subarctic to high arctic within a small area, an interesting field of work for scientists.

The Hornsund offers a relatively representative cross section through the geology of Svalbard, similar to the Bellsund.

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Houses dating back to the days of the marble trial mine on Blomstrandhalvøya (Moss campion in the foreground). The German Navy ran weather stations in the bay Signehamna in Krossfjord during the second world war (/42»Knospe«and /43»Nussbaum«).

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Larger cruise lines will be unable to visit the pristine wilderness area from when a heavy fuel oil ban HFO comes into effect. The ban is similar to that which came into effect in Antractica in , forcing several cruise lines to cancel itineraries there. The HFO ban has existed in most protected areas of Svalbard since and

 · Gravneset (Grave headland) is surrounded by majestic mountains, tall glaciers and a magnificent nature in one of the most beautiful fjords in Svalbard. It is also where one of the largest cemeteries can be found, dating from the whaling period and consisting of /

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How Its Made Svalbard: Nordic Timepieces Welcome to Svalbard; the land of Northern Lights, polar nights glaciers, cold coasts, polar bears, old mining towns — and now, unusual watches. With 5 years of experience in the production of rare and incredibly unique watches, Svalbard knows how to make eye-catching pieces, and take pride in their designs that are inspired by both natural elements and manmade phenomena, with perfect mechanics you can always rely on. This High Arctic town is known for its views of the Northern Lights, as well as its long, dark winters.

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The outside of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Matthias Heyde By Mark Kaufman Specifically, Norway plans to build a new concrete tunnel and a building to protect emergency power and refrigerating units. Norway says the vault is “built to stand the test of time.

 · Skansbukta, which is in the outer part of Billefjorden, is located in a bay which is protected from winds from most directions. Under the impressive cliffs of

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