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Born 15 Dec ; died 24 Sep at age Danish physician who founded modern phototherapy , and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine “in recognition of his contribution to the treatment of diseases, especially lupus vulgaris, with concentrated light radiation, whereby he has opened a new avenue for medical science. Zamenhof Born 15 Dec ; died 14 Apr at age Lazarus Ludwig Zamenhof was a Polish physician and oculist who created the most important of the international artificial languages – Esperanto. He believed everybody in the world should be able to communicate with each other by means of a single international language, so he developed Esperanto, meaning “he who hopes. Esperanto vocabulary is comprised primarily of words with Latin roots and words common to several languages. Esperanto is less complicated than an earlier attempt at artificial language called Volapuk. While Esperanto associations formed around the world, it never became widely accepted. Henri Becquerel Born 15 Dec ; died 25 Aug at age His early researches were in optics.

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The following characters have been featured in the opening credits of the program. Although she is an expert in her field, Brennan is socially awkward and has limited knowledge about pop culture. Her birth name was Joy Keenan, while her brother’s birth name was Kyle Keenan; their names were changed by their parents in an effort to protect them from enemies from their past.

Brennan’s parents left her and her older brother, known as Russ, when she was fifteen. She also thinks herself to be extremely rational.

Former Yankee Derek Jeter is finally settling down, according to a report. He is set to marry Victoria’s Secret model Hannah Davis after three years of dating, the Daily News reported.

He performed in three Broadway shows, many films and numerous television shows. He recorded a wide range of popular music. Davis’ last film Tap was a collaboration with the late dancer Gregory Hines. He was always reminded of his race by his nickname of ‘Smokey’. At their Sands Hotel performances, he was often the butt of ethnic jokes. Once, in a Sands hotel steam room, all the robes for the Pack were white, except for Sammy’s, which was black. Even his role in Ocean’s Eleven was subservient: Nonetheless, it was always profitable.

Loves and Marriage Davis’ personal life was never easy. He had grown up on the road, without any model of how to be a husband or father. Although he called himself ugly, his charisma attracted women.

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That’s how it is for girls. People judge you by the way you look, the things they hear about you. They put a label on you. I just feel like boys get to define themselves.

Tricia Davis Relationship with Macklemore, Married, Wiki, Kids, Family image source Tricia Davis is simply Macklemore’s ride or die, the woman whom he’s been romantically involved with for .

Simon Letch Mouncey is a former champion handballer. As Cullen Mouncey, she represented Australia in that sport before beginning to transition in and Handball has granted her eligibility to play as a woman, but Mouncey wishes to play Australian rules, and has competed for the Ainslie club in the ACT. Her coach, Chris Rourke, has reported no complaints from fellow women competitors; rather, it is sideline observers, mainly men, who have commented on Mouncey’s size and questioned the fairness and safety of her being on the field with other women.

In applying for the AFLW draft, Mouncey presented a blood testosterone level that is legal by IOC standards but had yet to meet a second IOC criterion, which is that the person identify as female for four years before being allowed to compete. The AFL did not, however, rely on that. In an opaque decision, the AFL has reportedly cited Victoria’s Equal Opportunity Act, deciding that Mouncey’s “strength, stamina and physique” are so superior to other players’ that it is legal to discriminate against her.

Doubtless, the league is also concerned about safety for smaller footballers. Advertisement Although the natural inclination is to admonish the AFL — how can Mouncey be safe to play in one women’s competition and not another? How can the IOC’s clear definition be ignored when it is the only measurable standard that exists? Its problem is that Mouncey might, at this stage of her transition, be a little too powerful on the football field. You will now receive updates from Sport Newsletter Sport Newsletter Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.

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CHRISTMAS SHOCKER: Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter May Be On The Outs

Comment Derek Jeter was one of the biggest bachelors in baseball, but on Saturday, he finally tied the knot to Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Davis. Throughout his Major League Baseball career, Derek Jeter was a notorious bachelor, being linked to some of the most beautiful women in the world. Below is a nice lineup of some of the women he had dated throughout his career. Jeter engaged to the pitcher of his dating diamond pic.

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I just didn’t know it yet. I was 17, a junior in high school and my youth group was going away for the weekend on an encounter, and Victor just so happened to be one of the servers for the guys. Victor actually wasn’t sure if he was going to come this particular weekend. I was being extremely stubborn and did not want to spend my weekend at a youth retreat, but my mom made me go!

She thinks I should thank her because if she didn’t make me go, I never would have met Victor And so I went, but I was not happy about it. We arrived Friday night of Halloween , and I did not know what to expect.

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She is the daughter of Jasper Jacks and his ex-wife, Carly Corinthos. She was conceived after her parents’ renewed their vows and the pregnancy was a miracle due to Carly’s previous miscarriages and the fact that her pregnancy with Josslyn was high risk. She was born onscreen on November 3, Contents [ show ] Casting Josslyn first appeared as a teenager in her mother, Carly’s dream on October 5, and was portrayed by Jamie Lea Willett.

She is pictured to the left. Karleigh primary filmed the scenes as the twins are not identical.

Hannah Helene Horvath is a young woman in New York City, and the main protagonist of HBO’s Girls. She is portrayed by creator of the show, Lena Dunham. Prior to the Pilot episode of the series, her only job was an unpaid internship; all her money came from her parents. On top of that, she was.

However, 20 years ago following an altercation one observer had a different take on her. After severing ties with Noa, Lopez began getting intimate with the hip-hop mogul known as Diddy. Lopez and Diddy were partying at the Times Square Club in New York on December 27, , when the rapper got into an argument with another clubgoer and gunfire erupted shortly thereafter outside. The power couple and two acquaintances were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a firearm and stolen property.

J-Lo reportedly sobbed inconsolably while locked behind bars. She was just upset about the whole thing.


Share Hannah also known by her in-game name Lomadia is one of the original members of the Yogscast who made a number of appearances throughout the history of the YoGPoD. Hannah dated Lewis for a long time from the early episodes of the Yogscast Early – early Their relationship was confirmed to have ended on Hannah’s Tumblr.

Oct 28,  · Eternal bachelor no more. Former Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is reportedly engaged to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Hannah Davis, the New York Daily News reported on Tuesday, Oct.

Hannah Davis – YouTube hannah davis instagram hannah davis als hannah davis interview hannah davis derek. Sports Illustrated model Hannah Davis recently helped transform two college coeds with the. That must be why DirectTV re. Watch more videos from SI Swimsuit models at http: It is usual, when seeing a swimsuit model, to be infatuated with various aspects of their figure. Hannah Davis Profile – Sports Illustrated. Hannah Davis nabs SI Swimsuit cover. Derek Jeters girlfriend succeeds Kate Upton on the swimsuit throne.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl has been revealed.

Girls Derek Jeter Has Dated