FF: The Wolf and not The Beauty (part 24)

Donghae and sehun dating sites, filmography That was all I could think about. Sehun update with Donghae But I guess you should get him a bowl. You can choose whether you’d like to see Donghae and Sehun finding a way to love again, or There has been a recent rise in idols being targeted by fans on social media sites, and several idols have experienced being hacked. He followed Miranda Kerr immediately after creating his Instagram account. The second one was about Donghae’s new account, but the first was quite vehement towards fans: And I hope that in the future I will be a good leader to follow.

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These fans mean well but their actions definitely grabbed everyone attention. Some even go to long lengths into zooming in at every detail. In some cases, it seems fans would rather see their ship date for real but hate when they reveal their real relationships. For whatever reason, good or bad these fans support their ship in a unique way that grabs others attention. Theses will be placed in order from least popular to most!

The ship escalated when:

In , while studying in Seoul, he was scouted while in Myeong-dong by an SM Entertainment representative who recommended he audition for the company; after which he became a trainee under the agency. Music career Main article: Following this appearance, he was the second member of EXO to be officially introduced, as one of the four Chinese members of the group and its Mandarin-language sub-group EXO-M. Solo debut and first tour Luhan often contributed to the soundtracks of movies he participated in.

He sung the theme song for 20 Once Again, titled “Our Tomorrow”. The music video of the song surpassed 1 million views in 47 minutes, setting a new record. Almost a Love Story. Director Peter Chan is said to have asked Luhan to participate due to his gentle and clear voice as he felt it would be effective in expressing the emotions of the song. This is also Djemba’s first time producing an album for an Asian artist.

The same month, he collaborated with David Tao in a bidding song for the Winter Olympics held in Beijing. It sold , copies on the first day, the highest recorded sales number on the first day of official release.


Oh Sehun, Xi Luhan, othersGenre: Xi Luhan, 21 tahun. Luhan adalah pribadi yang ceria dan bersahabat, ia sangat senang dengan dunia dance.

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The sasaeng wants to make the idol as his. This is my first attemp to write story in English. There were plenty of pictures taped to the blue wall in that room. So so many pictures.

Btw judulnya terlalu mancing kan? D Jam 4 sore, 15 April, gue liat di postingan komen sebelumnya ada 68 comments dan sekarang jam Gue ga bakal baca komen disitu lagi. Sudah cukup dan berlanjut disini. Tentang postingan gue sebelumnya, sebenarnya gue ga mengharapkan bakal overrated kek gitu. Apa salahnya sih ini blog gue, dan pengen menyampaikan pendapat gue. Okeey alasan yang terlalu basi kan?

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Pagi yang cerah dan pagi yang damai di dorm Korea EXO. Sebelum akhirnya sebuah keributan pun terjadi. Sehun yang masih setengah sadar masih berusaha mengumpulkan nyawanya mengubah posisinya menjadi duduk. Masih sambil mengucek matanya pelan.

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Tao menutup pintu kelas dan menutup semua tirai jendela agar tidak ada yang melihat. Hal yang ia takutkan jika guru mengetahui tentang hal ini. Ia mendorong tubuh Kai dan memberikannya satu tinjuan lagi, kali ini tubuhnya menabrak meja-meja lain. Matamu berubah menjadi merah. Aku akan menjelaskan semuanya. Ayolah… Rouler… kendalikan dirimu! Tergopoh-gopoh, Kai kembali mencoba bangkit dan menghampiri Sehun yang masih dikunci dalam dekapan Kris. Ia mengulurkan tangannya dan menyentuh kedua pipi saudaranya itu, sorotnya menatap minta maaf.

Kau harus menenangkan dirimu dahulu. Kris dan yang lain kenal betul dengan suara itu. Sehun melepaskan dekapan Kris hingga ia termundur ke belakang. Rahangnya terlihat mengatup keras dan dia masih mengunci Kai dan Kris dalam bara kebencian, yang kapan saja bisa menghanguskan mereka disana. Amarahnya menggurak hebat, tanpa menyadari jika perlahan sosok aslinya mulai terlihat. Dengan gerakan cepat, Sehun berlari dan melompat keluar dari jendela.

[EXO] HunHan (18+) – “I Need You, Hyung”